Water Aerobics

Water aerobics classes provide a full body workout of any level of intensity, and are an excellent way to meet your fitness goals with less impact on your joints. Classes are designed to appeal to all levels of ability including prenatal, seniors, and rehabilitation or cross-training enthusiasts.

Water Aerobics Calendar

Water Aerobics Class Descriptions

Deep Water Cardio (DWC)

This class provides a dynamic cardiovascular total body workout. Benefits include calorie burning, range of motion, and endurance aspects.

Aqua Running (AR)

This class is a full-body workout involving the legs, arms, shoulders, and core muscles. The water is 773 times more resistant than air, so it serves to strengthen all key running muscles, thus increasing your land-running turnover and stride length. The water resists you only as much as you resist it-so you can work out as hard or as easy as you like.

Deep Water Workout (DW)

Come join us for a dynamic total-body workout without impact on the joints. This class emphasizes good body mechanics, endurance training, and stretching. The water resists you only as much as you resist it-so you can work out as hard or as easy as you like.

Shallow Water Toning & Shaping (ST-S)

All levels. Focuses on cardio conditioning, muscle tone, flexibility and strength in chest deep water. Warm up may focus on dance, Yoga, and Pilates moves, which expand range of motion and promote joint health. Cardio exercises include movements such as non or low impact running, ski movements, kicks, etc. Class ends with a cool down and more work on flexibility and alignment. This is a full body workout, perfect for people with joint issues or who can't swim but would like the benefits of water exercise.

Drop-in Water Aerobics

Join us for drop-in Water Aerobics at Simpkins Family Swim Center!

Pools & Amenities
  • Currently, all Water Aerobics on the above calendar are held in the lap pool (water heated to 78 degrees F)
  • Floatation belts and resistance hand barbells are provided at the facility. You are welcome to bring your own equipment to use. 
  • Amenities include locker rooms, bathrooms, ADA-accessible hot showers, lockers (bring your own lock). Pull buoys and kickboards are available for shared use when lap swimming. No towel service is available.
Aquatic Fitness Programs Fees & Details

A water wheel chair is available at the swim center. Each pool has stationary, ADA compliant lifts plus a mobile lift for entry into the pools. An additional gender-inclusive bathroom is available with an ADA shower, changing bed, locker, and toilet. Questions? Contact Us!

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