"Outside the Box" - Traffic Box Art Program

Santa Cruz County Department of Parks, Open Space & Cultural Services is seeking artists to participate in the Outside the Box (OTB) public art program.  Local artists (artist must reside in the County of Santa Cruz) will be selected to paint an image on one or more traffic signal controller boxes. 

Please e-mail prc039@scparks.com to have your name and contact information added to the notification list for future phases of OTB. You may click HERE to see what the application process included for phase 5.   

The Good Times did a story on Outside the Box in April 2017 - see that story HERE (and thanks, Good Times!) 

Phase 5 - completed and in progress boxes:

Doug Ross Empire Grade & Heller Dr.
Sophie Webb Graham Hill Rd.& Lockewood Ln.
Margo Mullen Green Valley Rd. & Minto Rd.
Ann Thiermann Park Ave. & Cabrillo College Dr. 
Vanessa Stafford 7th Ave. & Eaton St.
Peter Bartczak Soquel Dr. & 7th Ave. 
Bruce Harman Soquel Dr. & Dover/Mattison
Doug Ross Soquel Dr. & Thurber Ln.

Images of Phase 4 - completed boxes:

Margo Mullen Capitola Rd. & 17th Ave. 
Sophie Webb 17th Ave. & East Cliff Dr./Portola Dr. 
Vanessa Stafford Soquel Dr. & Cabrillo College West Entrance
Doug Ross Soquel Dr. & Commercial Crossing
Doug Ross Soquel Dr. & Mission Dr.
Arturo Thomae Soquel Dr. & Park Ave.
Alana Rey Soquel Dr. & Soquel Ave./commercial driveway  

Images of Phase 3 - completed boxes:

Vanessa Stafford Capitola Rd. & Chanticleer Ave.
Peter Bartczak 7th Ave. & Capitola Rd.
Vanessa Stafford 17th Ave. & Brommer St. 
Margo Mullen 17th Ave. & Felt St. 
Arturo Thomae Soquel Ave. & 17th Ave. 
Ket Tom-Conway Soquel Dr. & Cabrillo College Dr. 
Peter Bartczak Freedom Blvd. & Soquel Dr.&
Arturo Thomae Soquel Dr. & Winkle Ave.     

Images of Phase 2 - completed boxes:

Ket Tom-Conway Soquel Dr. & Rio Del Mar Blvd. 
Bruce Harman Green Valley Rd. & Paulsen Rd.
Marvin Plummer - in progress Graham Hill Rd. & Mt. Hermon Rd.
James Potterton Graham Hill Rd. & Sims Rd.
Alana Rey Graham Hill Rd. & East Zayante Rd.
Vanessa Stafford Freedom Blvd. & Aptos High
Vanessa Stafford Green Valley Rd. & Airport / Holohan Rd. 
Vanessa Stafford Green Valley Rd. & Airport / Holohan Rd. 
Ann Thiermann Soquel Dr. & Aptos Rancho Rd. / Rancho del Mar Ctr. 
Ann Thiermann Soquel Dr. & State Park Dr.

Images of Phase 1 - completed boxes:

Ket Tom-Conway Soquel Dr. & Fairway / Izant Ct.
Myra Eastman Soquel Dr. & 41st Ave.
Bruce Harman Soquel Dr. & Capitola Rd.
  Soquel/San Jose Rd. & O'Neill Ct.
Mira Michelle 41st Ave. & Redwood Shopping
Vanessa Stafford   Porter & Main Sts.
  Soquel Dr. & Main St.
  Soquel Dr. & Porter St.
Ann Thiermann Soquel Dr. & Rodeo Gulch Rd.
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