Commemorative Tree and Bench Program

Program Objective:

The Santa Cruz County Department of Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services has created the Commemorative Tree and Bench program as a way for people to honor and commemorate individuals, families or organizations. It is a special way to provide a funding source for trees and benches needed in County Parks.

Program Description:

The Parks Department has predetermined locations and quantities, tree species and a specific bench type which will be available for placement as part of the Commemorative Tree and Bench Program. Upon request Parks Department staff will meet with a person wishing to participate in the Commemorative Tree and Bench Program and will mutually agree upon which park, the specific location in a park, and the plaque wording which is to be associated with the donation of a Commemorative Tree or Bench.


Locations for the placement of trees and benches have been predetermined by Parks Department Staff. There are recommended sites in almost all parks. A binder will be maintained in the Department Offices which contains a map of each park site and indicates potential sites for the location of commemorative trees and benches. Each previously sponsored tree and bench will also be indicated on the map and in an associated data base.

Record Keeping:

A record will be kept in a data base in the Parks Department office of each tree and bench sponsored. Included in each individual record shall be:
  1. Name, address, and phone number of the donor
  2. Date installed
  3. Location
  4. Wording on the plaque
  5. Amount paid

Commitment to the Sponsor:

The Santa Cruz County Department of Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services will have the tree or bench installed within 100 days of receipt of the donation. The plaque will be guaranteed for 10 years after the date of installation. If a tree or bench is destroyed it will be replaced within the same ten years.

To download a brochure, click here

For more information call (831) 454-7954

Parks where Trees and Benches can be placed:

Aldridge Lane ParkTrees & Benches
Anna Jean Cummings Park Trees & Benches
Ben Lomond Dam Park Trees & Benches
Brommer Park Trees & Benches
Coffee Lane Park Trees & Benches
Felton Covered Bridge Park Trees & Benches
Floral Park Benches
Hestwood Park Trees & Benches
Highlands Parks Tress & Benches
Mesa Village Park Trees & Benches
Michael Grey Field Trees & Benches
Pinto Lake County Park Trees & Benches
Richard Vessey Park Trees & Benches
Scott Park Trees & Benches
Soquel Lions Park Benches
Twin Lakes Park Benches
Willowbrook Park Benches
Winkle Farm Park Trees & Benches

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