Day Camps at Quail Hollow Ranch

 Reading & Adventure Camp             Science Sleuths           Time Travelers                Nature Journaling              Beginners Backpacking


Reading and Adventure Camp  

Connecting Literacy, Stewardship, and Adventure! Campers will have a chance to hike, read, journal, and participate in team and individual challenges. Activities will be aimed at bringing the stories and lessons we read about to life in this fun and innovative take on summer camp. Great for the everyday reader, and for those who find sitting inside a difficult space for exploring literature. Age-appropriate books will be provided to each camper, and may include: Magic Tree House, My Side of the Mountain, Hatchet, Nancy Drew, and/or Wolf Brother. For more information, call the park at 831-335-9348 Wedneday-Sunday, 9AM-4PM.

Quail Hollow Ranch - Ages 7-13
M-F 6/18-6/22 9AM-3PM $200/$220 #19038
M-F 6/25-6/29 9AM-3PM $200/$220 #19039


Science Sleuths Summer Day Camp 

The best scientists are the ones who are curious about their world. Come to Quail Hollow for hands-on, fun-filled science experiments and engaging wildlife studies. Explore, discover, and learn about chemistry, physics, geology, biology, botany, and ecology through experiments, microscope viewing, predator-prey games, nature art and more! Appreciation of the natural world is emphasized while unlocking the scientific secrets that are found in Quail Hollow Ranch’s natural world. For more information, call the park at 831-335-9348 Wedneday-Sunday, 9AM-4PM. 

Quail Hollow Ranch - Ages 6-11
M-F 7/30-8/10 9AM-3PM $400/$440 #19043


Time Travelers Day Camp

Explore the history of the Santa Cruz Mountains! Campers will “travel” to different time periods and various locations within Santa Cruz County to learn about the exciting cultures, animals, and communities that roamed this area long before us. Diving into the past will help guide our explorers for their future. Activities will be centered on living history, exploration, and cultural competence. For more information, call the park at 831-335-9348 Wedneday-Sunday, 9AM-4PM. 

Quail Hollow Ranch - Ages 6-11
M-F 8/13-8/17 9AM-3PM $200/$220 #19042


Nature Journaling Camp

Open your eyes to the natural world around you! Are you interested in learning how to better observe plants, animals, and biomes? This camp is for you! You will learn the techniques and philosophy of nature journaling using John Muir Laws as a reference. Campers will create their own field guides and nature journals, and will develop their observation and recording skills. . For more information, call the park at 831-335-9348 Wedneday-Sunday, 9AM-4PM. 

Quail Hollow Ranch - Ages 6-11
W-F 7/25-7/27 9AM-3PM $125/$144 #19041


Beginners Backpacking Camp

This overnight backpacking camp will provide families and individuals the chance to learn the basics of backpacking in a safe and nurturing environment. With a focus on group collaboration, we’ll provide experience-based knowledge for those looking to spend more time on the trail. Resources on where to rent or buy gear will be provided. We will be tent camping Monday  and Tuesday night. Skills covered will include: outdoor cooking, first-aid, water purification, animal encounters, fire building and safety, and gear. *Ages 11 & under must attend with an adult.

Quail Hollow Ranch - Ages 6 & up*
M-W 1PM on 7/16 through 9AM on 7/18   $200/$220 #19040


Camp Information

Guest speakers and visits to portions of the park that are normally closed to the public round out the activities. In order for participants to get the most from the program, it is recommended that they attend the program each day and have an interest in learning about history and/or science. Children will be separated into age groups for some of the activities.  Send your child daily with a lunch, snacks, water bottle, and wearing closed-toe shoes (i.e. sneakers). For camps with field trips: trip destinations are subject to change, and the site is closed on all field trip days. A week before camp begins parents will receive an information handbook and an emergency information card. Please be sure to review the information in the handbook and fill out the emergency card completely. The emergency card must be given to the site staff on the first day of camp. Quail Hollow Ranch County Park is located at 800 Quail Hollow Road, just 2 miles up Zayante Road in Felton, or 2 miles from Ben Lomond via Glen Arbor Road.





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